FIX Review/Approval Processes

FIX has three specific processes as documented in the below documents. Please note you must be logged onto the site to view these documents:


Recommended Practices/Guidelines Process 417.21 KB 1664 downloads February 17, 2017

Recommended practices are produced to address specific implementation topics at the semantics or application level. These are produced by various committees or working groups, and reviewed by the Global Technical Committee and the FIX Trading Community members prior to official publication.


Gap Analysis specification Proposal Process 67.94 KB 468 downloads February 17, 2017

Gap Analysis specification Proposal Process


Technical Standard Proposal Process 363.52 KB 832 downloads February 17, 2017

Technical Standard Proposal Process

FIX Templates

Please see the templates as referenced above within the process documents:


Recommended Practices/Guidelines Template 245.00 KB 650 downloads January 10, 2018

Recommended Practices/Guidelines Template


Technical Standard Proposal Template 69.40 KB 820 downloads February 17, 2017


Gap Analysis Template 129.13 KB 323 downloads February 17, 2017

Update History

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  • [Update May 23. 2016] - updated with the new "FIX Trading Community" logo and revised copyright information plus minor typographical error corrections.
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