How will membership benefit my firm?

FIX Trading Community™ is an industry-driven organisation. It has successfully attracted participation from more than 290 of the world’s leading financial service companies, which represent every corner of the trading community.

Member firms enjoy the unique opportunity to participate in the development and promotion of FIX, a standard which often has a significant impact on their ability to do business.

Support FIX Trading Community financially to ensure the long-term viability of FIX by:

  • Protecting the intellectual property of FIX and in turn your firm’s FIX-related investments, ensuring the industry can continue to confidently use FIX as a non-proprietary, free and open standard, while also enabling others to build and support commercial products and services based upon it
  • Enabling FIX Trading Community to engage service providers to supplement volunteer efforts, ensuring it is possible to continue the work required to ensure FIX meets constantly evolving industry and regulatory requirements
  • Enabling FIX Trading Community to continue to develop its website and community forums, which promote further FIX adoption to all users, providing access to the latest specifications, news and developments

Participate in this practical and demonstrative joint industry initiative alongside buy-side, sell-side, trading venue, vendor and regulatory participants, all working to improve the global trading process by:

  • Interacting with industry experts, peers, clients and competitors in a neutral forum to resolve standard related issues affecting your firm and your clients
  • Driving change and helping to shape the future trading environment by participating in the decision-making process influencing the standard’s evolution, ensuring FIX implementations continue to deliver increasing return-on-investment
  • Participating in the organisation’s work, benefit from networking opportunities and the potential to learn about the very latest developments in advance of the wider trading community, facilitating first mover advantages
  • Improving the global trading process by developing and promoting increased FIX use, as an enabler for electronic trading among your clients and within your firm
  • Guiding the direction of FIX Trading Community, by leading or participating in the election of its leaders


Member BenefitsPremier Global MemberRegular Member
Access to committees and working groups participate in ititatives that are driving the future of trading and benefit from multiple eudcation and netowrking Opportunity to Chair committees and working groups…,..
Influence the advancement of the protocol and have a material impact