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Consolidated Tape Fixed Income /Tuesday, 26th May @ 11:00am EST/16:00 BST
MOST Working Group / Thursday, 28th May 2020 @ 11:00am EST/16:00 BST
Global Steering Committee / Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 @ 8:00am EST/13:00 BST

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FIX Trading Community is built around clear standards

FIX Protocol is part of the fabric of capital markets.  Formed in 1991 at the dawn of electronic trading, FIX connects the global ecosystem of venues, asset managers, banks/brokers, vendors and regulators by standardizing the communication amoung participants.  This is accomplished by following 4 key principles:

  • Creating and maintaining robust open standards across the whole ecosystem from pre-trade to market data to settlement.
  • Providing advice and counsel to regulatory bodies in a transparent and unbiased way.
  • Seeking ways to improve the trading process front to back for the global financial services industry.
  • Providing our members with a neutral, collaborative environment to come together through member-driven conferences and other critical forums to promote, support and educate.

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17th Annual FIX Asia Pacific Trading Summit

FIX EMEA Trading Conference Summary

Implications and Challenges of Brexit

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Asia Pacific – HK SFC consent to allow facilitation trades – Recommended Practices

In February 2018 the HK SFC published a circular specifying that prior consent was required from clients before facilitation trades could be executed by HK licensed firms. The recommended practice document represents the proposed solution for facilitation trade consent.  Please click here to access the document.

Consolidated Tape Will Not Make Data Cheaper

Market data consumers will still have to buy feeds from the providers, says FIX co-chair. Even if a European consolidated tape is built, trading participants will still have to buy market data feeds from the data vendors, says Matthew Coupe, co-chair of the EMEA regional committee and EMEA regulatory subcommittee at industry body FIX Trading Community. A consultation paper from...

MOST (Monitoring, On-boarding and Software Testing) Working Group

MOST working group will focus on developing recommended practices for monitoring, on-boarding and software testing of FIX related financial applications, as well as, develop technical guidelines to measure quality and reliability of platforms. The group seeks specialists primarily involved in technology with skills in software development, monitoring, onboarding and testing. Additionally, the group will collaborate with the FIX Orchestra Working...

A FIX to the Post-Trade World

A FIX to the Post-Trade World Traders Magazine Online News, August 9, 2019 Tom Jordan At the FIX Trading Community event in Chicago on July 25, 2019 hosted by Itiviti at The Library at 190 South LaSalle, a panel of five professionals from a large asset management firm, a large bank and technology providers were surrounded by 50,000 volumes of...